Our courses in France and abroad

Priority vehicle driving courses 

Thanks to its own experience and its collaboration with a number of emergency services, BBE DEVELOPPEMENT is able to offer initial “professional” or proficiency maintenance training courses that are specifically adapted to the use of vehicles by emergency or security services such as the fire, police or prison services.

Courses in defensive/offensive driving in hostile environments

BBE DEVELOPPEMENT collaborates with a specialist firm to offer highly specialized driver training courses for specific categories of personnel (French residents or expatriates working in sensitive countries, embassy personnel, cash or jewellery escorts etc.) For security reasons, we naturally cannot describe the content of these courses here.

To contact us on this subject (exclusively), please click here and enter your details, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Courses in safe driving and energy-efficient driving 

BBE DEVELOPPEMENT offers a number of formulas for safe and energy-efficient driving training that are eligible in the context of a personalized educational success program (PPREE) and particularly in relation to awareness of road-related risk within business (PPRR).  In addition, by using the Skid Concept system as an educational support during our practical workshops, we can offer effective and relevant advanced safe driving courses.

Training in new technologies and new products

As our client, BBE DEVELOPPEMENT provides you with in-depth information together with instructors who are experts in specialities such as on-board electronics, chassis inspection and engine management. Following a careful examination of the client’s requirements, we provide specially chosen instructors with excellent teaching and inter-personal skills. In addition, by pooling the expertise of our personnel, BBE DEVELOPPEMENT offers innovative solutions relating to vehicle presentations or new range launches, particularly in respect to hybrid or electric vehicles or those with new engine specifications.

Training in heavy goods vehicle driving 

From heavy and wide loads to the transport of extra-long equipment, BBE DEVELOPPEMENT offers a range of methodologies aimed at training the drivers of these unusual loads. Some of our training courses apply the recommendations of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR 2011). With a strong safety orientation, these tailor-made courses take into account the environment, weather conditions and condition of the road surface; vital parameters when driving through a continent such as Africa. 


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