Skid Concept


Composed of two or four rings of composite material, this system positioned around a vehicle’s tires makes it possible to reproduce the experience of driving on a low grip surface (adhesion factor 0.2-0.4) at low speed (20-30 kph/12-18 mph), providing maximum security combined with highly relevant training. Made in france  
It is possible to install the rings on the front or rear wheels or on both sets depending on the effect sought (asymmetrical or unilateral installation is also permitted)

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Vehicle installation


Installing Skid Concept on each of the vehicle’s wheels enable the reproduction of driving in conditions entailing poor road holding, such as mountainous regions or in unfavorable weather. Vehicles equipped with the Skid Concept system replicate the sensation of driving on a snow or ice-covered road or while aquaplaning. As a result of our training courses specifically adapted to these conditions, we are able to demonstrate the risks, reduce apprehension of loss of control and thereby train effective drivers

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 Important !

We always sell Skid Concept products as part of a package (unless otherwise agreed by us). Packages include the training and certification necessary in order to use this equipment correctly.  In addition, as the system aims to reduce road holding in the vehicle on which it is installed, the user is responsible for taking all necessary precautions for safe implementation. The use of this product on roads open to normal traffic is strictly prohibited.


The Skid Concept is employed by a number of vehicle manufacturers and equipment suppliers in their chassis control research and improvement work. We have therefore developed a range of specific products to meet the criteria and technical specifications of R&D services. For more information, please click here to contact us.


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